About Us

In 2010, we moved from Missouri to our new hometown of Central Point, Oregon.  Back in the Midwest, frozen custard ice cream is a pervasively popular treat.  We had no idea of its scarcity on the West coast, until, one perfect frozen custard evening, we decided to go out for some.  Much to our disappointment, there was none to be found, and we were further surprised to learn that most locals had never even heard of frozen custard ice cream.  With no actual intent to do so, we jokingly commented that perhaps it would be up to us to introduce frozen custard ice cream to the area.

Eight years later, it turned out, our unintended prophesy would come true.  Our daughter, Sarah “Bee”, and our son, Tim, both moved to Central Point a short time after we did.  Bee, a Barista and expert ice cream maker, and Tim, also a Barista with expertise in the food industry, expressed a desire to open a shop where we could feature both fine coffees and frozen custard.  The McElroy family, Sarah (mom), Bee, Tim, Laverdy and I, set about planning.  After many conceptual iterations, we had our plan.  We renovated part of our 327 E. Pine building to create a unique space for our eatery, the Crater Café.  We formulated our signature Crater Frozen Custard ice cream after the wonderful frozen custards that we enjoyed back in St. Louis.  We hired the best crew to assist us in the operation, and we opened our door July 4, 2019.  We are proud to have introduced the first and only St. Louis-style frozen custard ice cream, Crater Frozen Custard, to Southern Oregon, and, to our knowledge, the entire West coast.

At the Crater Café, in addition to fine coffees and Crater Frozen Custard, we serve an array of freshly prepared real fruit smoothies and delicious griddled food selections from our kitchen, in a fun and whimsical rustic eclectic, family-oriented environment.  We appreciate the support we have received from the Central Point community.  We look forward to serving you.

    - Hew and Sarah McElroy, Owners

Crater Cafe, 327 E Pine St., "Sweet"  A, Central Point, OR 97502

                                                               call: 541-727-7044     email: thecratergood@gmail.com                 © 2023 by Crater Cafe. Proudly created with Wix.com

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